Welcome at FAUX AFFAIRS - your brand for sustainable fur fashion. We're all about cruelty-free looks without compromising on style and quality.


Our commitment to animal welfare is the foundation of our careful material selection: we rely 100% on our revolutionary FauxFox™ fur imitation developed by us. Our faux furs are crafted with such care that they offer both a luxurious and authentic appearance without relying on animal resources.


By the way, our jackets aren't just environmentally friendly; they're also timeless design masterpieces. We prioritize excellent craftsmanship to ensure that every FAUX AFFAIRS jacket not only brings you joy today but also for many years to come. You won't find fast fashion here; instead, you'll discover durable products that enhance your wardrobe while conserving resources.


To further minimize our ecological footprint, we provide precise product descriptions and comprehensive guidance. Through personalized size consultations, we help you find the perfect fit before purchase, thus avoiding unnecessary returns. Because we firmly believe that the first sustainable decision is to only order what you truly need.

Discover our brand-new Faux Fur collection, perfectly combining style and sustainability. We're always here to assist you individually and find the ideal size for you.