We aim to delight you with the very best vegan fur jackets, so you can wear them for many years. FAUX AFFAIRS fur jackets stand out from other faux fur fashion because we craft them with our revolutionary FauxFox™ material. This ensures the most elegant and authentic fur look, a super fluffy feeling, and durability for many years.



In order to provide you the very best faux fur quality, we are delicately weaving polyacrylic & polyamide fibers into the basic fabric of cotton and polyester, and carefully fixing them: because of this, no material of animal origin can be found within our FauxFox™ fur.
We are only using the most sophisticated materials and the best manufacturing techniques, to be able to offer you perfect cruelty free fur imitations.



Your FAUX AFFAIRS statement piece is always designed to give you an authentic look with a luxurious vibe. That's why we design all our models to look incredibly elegant and real, despite being cruelty-free. To make our FauxFox™ fur as soft and fluffy as animal fur, we undertake many complex production steps and use only the most beautiful solid-colored materials.



Not all fur types & colors can be aesthetically imitated - and what doesn't look authentic doesn't make it into our collection. See for yourself the premium quality and incomparable look & feel of original FAUX AFFAIRS jackets & coats