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Sale price€390 Regular price€650Save €260
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Mens Faux Fur Coats: stylish warmth

Mens Faux fur coats have emerged as a prominent trend that not only aligns with environmental consciousness but also makes a bold statement in terms of style and sophistication. If you're seeking a way to stay warm during the chilly seasons without compromising on luxury and refinement, our mens faux fur coat ASTRA will be aperfect choice: at FAUX AFFAIRS‘ fashion vision, comfort and ethics seamlessly converge. Our mission is to provide you authentic state-of-the-art designs, made of 100% animalfree Premium fabrics.

The benefits of a mens faux fur coat are multifaceted and compelling. Firstly, they offer exceptional insulation, keeping you warm on the iciest days. The fine synthetic fibers within the coat contribute to optimal heat retention, ensuring you stay snug all winter.

Another remarkable advantage is the cruelty-free production:
Faux fur coats present an ethical alternative to real fur, without sacrificing an ounce of style and elegance. They contribute to animal protection by abstaining from animal products while still exuding a luxurious appearance.


A men's faux fur coat adds a touch of timeless elegance to your outfit, suitable for both formal occasions and daily wear. Whether paired with a suit or casual jeans, our mens faux fur coat ASTRA in black, grey or darkbrown color elevates your outfit with a dash of sophistication and individuality.

Collectively, faux fur coats for men offer an unbeatable fusion of style, comfort, and ethical craftmanship. They're the ideal choice for fashion addicts who value luxury and ethical fashion. Check out the blend of comfort and aesthetics with a FAUX AFFAIRS men's faux fur coat.

Maintaining and cleaning a men‘s faux fur coat is surprisingly straightforward. In comparison to genuine fur, faux fur requires less elaborate care. A gentle shake or a light brushing helps remove loose dirt particles. For more substantial dirt, the coat can often be delicately hand-washed or professionally cleaned.

For best results, please seek a professional chemical cleaning, though handwashing is also possible. Leave your mens faux fur coat soaking for 15 minutes in cool water with a mild detergent, but don’t add any fabric softener.

Then rinse the coat and hang it to air dry. Don‘t use a washing machine or a tumble dryer as this can damage the fibres. Don’t worry about seemingly clumped fur: when the jacket is completely dry again, simply brush it softly and shake it out. It will look perfectly fluffy afterwards again.